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MoEFACS 2017 Summer Conference

Don't Reinvent the Wheel: Conquering Your Start of the Year Checklist-Baylee Burk


Tiffany Miller-Advertisement Project

Learning Centers-Mandy Wubker


Learning Centers-Krystle Gremaud

Technology Resources-Ashley Devore


Escaping the Normal Classroom-Debra Price-Scheppmann


Classroom Management Plan-Baylee Burk


Best Practices

-Suzie Dudenhoeffer

-Betty Glasgow

Student-Facilitated Team Building Projects-Baylee Burkhttps://tinyurl.com/ycskkfdj

Tabletop Twitter-Teresa Picard
Tabletop Twitter Activity

MoEFACS 2016 Summer Conference

New and Returning Teachers

FCCLA Boot Camp

Lexy McNew-Classroom Management

More materials from Fun in the Middle, Course Management and Organization, and LOTS more!

Best Practices
Baby Bottles--CFL by Tracey Eatherton Baby Bottles Project
Health-by Dee Kirby

MoEFACS 2015 Innovative Teaching Techniques: Relationships, Parenting, and Child Development-TEC

Susie's Dilemma, Type of Parent I Hope to Be, and Infant Care Lab-Beth's Documents
Samantha Cosper's Materials-

Tara Barger-

MoEFACS 2015 Career and Family Leadership-Where Do I Begin? -TEC

Maggie Herring-

Darci Friberg-

Tracey Eatherton-

Other Concurrent Sessions

Baylee Lane Burk-Concurrent Session II- Classroom Management Tips & Tricks


Vicki Schmitt-Assessments and SLOs

Angie Stewart-One to One Resources

MoEFACS 2015 Best Practices

Career Preparation Unit-Baylee Lane Burk

MoEFACS 2014 Standards Based Grading-TEC

Link to SBG Live Binder Materials

MoEFACS 2014 Innovative Teaching Techniques-TEC

Tracey's Link-http://www.thinglink.com/scene/501186617390661632

MoEFACS 2014 Classroom Management Panel-TEC

MoEFACS 2013 Carousels QR Codes and STAR Events

MoEFACS 2013 Innovative Teaching Techniques-TEC

Tracey's Website

MoEFACS 2012-Carousels FEFE and FCCLA